What to Know about Post Pregnancy Plastic Surgery

Also referred to as the “Mommy Makeover” or postpartum plastic surgery, post pregnancy plastic surgery is said to have unlocked the key towards loving yourself better especially at this important phase of your life.

The Post-Pregnancy Body In Focus

Pregnancy is said to be one of the most remarkable moments that a woman have to go through to celebrate motherhood. But, this too can take a huge toll on your body and physical health. Yes, this can a tough ordeal for every woman with the rapid weight gain, escalating and unpredictable hormonal surge, your changing physical attributes as you progress with the pregnancy. It can be too much for an ordinary observer. This explains too why there is much fascination and awe with both the pre- and post-  pregnancy bodies. How can a woman’s body take such tremendous toll or ordeal for nine months and get away with it?

Psychological Trauma or Downside Of Pregnancy

There is some psychological scar or trauma associated with pregnancy especially after birth. Your body ought to show some changes – which may not be that likable or attractive. There would be excess fat hanging around your belly, your breasts could sag or even disappear, plus the stretch marks can be too much for a woman to handle. While moms do love and adore their babies and would go over and over again with the pregnancy if they should – there is much work to be done after this.

Women now look into plastic surgery as a life-saver, a beacon of hope, or whatever you may call it. New technologies in plastic surgery can help you get your life back and reclaim the confidence you lost because of the not-so-becoming changes that your body goes through while pregnant. A lot of women would want to be restored to the way they were physically before they got pregnant. It’s a makeover alright but it’s not just focused on reconstructing the way you look but repairing what’s deep down inside.

Post pregnancy plastic surgery are meant to reconstruct the breasts, stomach, and even the complexion of mothers. Check out the most common plastic surgical procedures done post-pregnancy:

  1. Abdominoplasty or “Tummy Tuck” – It is normal to lose some abdominal tightness; but you can increase muscle tone with a tummy tuck procedure. During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles tend to stretch a lot to accommodate the growing baby. After giving birth though, the muscles tend to be less elastic and could lose its proper tone as well. This is known medically as “diatasis recti”, wherein a woman may still look pregnant because of the bulging stomach. The muscles tend to remain separated and lack firmness. In this procedure, your doctor would restore the muscles back together in the effort to tighten the core. Then re-draping the skin in between the lower ribs and bikini line to flatten the abdominal muscles while also reducing stretch marks. Doctors may also integrate liposuction with a tummy tuck to achieve that perfect silhouette. The most advanced technology now involves SlimLipo or SmartLipo with Vaser which also help the skin contract and also stimulate overall collage production. You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle after abdominoplasty.
  1. Stretch Marks – After giving birth, you’ll notice stretch marks on your tummy and even in other parts of the body. Most people would resort to creams only to find out that this doesn’t really work or could take some time to see results. Recent technological advancements in plastic surgery though have shown great promise in terms of getting rid of the pesky stretch marks. One of the most popular treatments available now is the Lutronic’s Infini whoch makes use of radiofrequency energy by using microneedles. This is proven to dramatically improve appearance of stretch marks while also stimulating collagen production. Laser treatments are also advisable for those who have relatively new stretch marks.
  1. Breast Augmentation. Gravity and aging really takes a huge toll on women’s rounded breasts. Getting pregnant too can add up to a woman’s predicament on breast shape and size. Breasts would usually lose some volume and tend to droop post-pregnancy. This can however be addressed by doing breast implants or lifts. Pregnancy too can make your areola darker and even larger which may look less attractive to you and your partner.

Motherhood is said to be a joyous and blissful phase in every woman’s life. While there were a lot of riotous body changes after giving birth, the above post pregnancy plastic surgical procedures can help you regain your confidence and make you feel and look better. The added jolt of self-esteem and a lot of pamper time can help you become a better mom and partner overall.