How Much Does the Average Plastic Surgery Costs?

Plastic surgery costs would usually be the first thing to consider when trying to decide whether you need it or not. While improving your physical appearance is considered a priority; the costs could stress you out and add up to the exhaustion. While there should be no tag price to “self-worth” or feeling good about yourself, you should always ask and weigh the costs of plastic surgery before actually considering it.

The Cost of Mommy Makeovers – Plastic Surgery

Knowing exactly what you’re paying for provides you more power and confidence in making decisions. The costs would vary widely depending on the complexity of the plastic surgery, location, anesthetic, as well as the credentials or expertise of the surgeon manning the table. Now, plastic surgery as well as other cosmetic surgical procedures are dubbed to be “elective” and are therefore not covered by any medical insurance or Medicare for that matter. There are however other plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation or reduction that serves to improve bodily functions and could potentially be covered by medical insurance. These could be seen as reconstructive rather than merely cosmetic. It would be wise to consult with your plastic surgeon at an early schedule to determine whether your insurance company can provide some coverage for the plastic procedure.

Never jump into any offer just because of lower costs. You should always check for certifications or memberships with the American Board of Plastic Surgery before deciding on whom to trust your body to.  While price is an important deciding factor, you should never shortchange your health and life. As with anything, beauty has a price. And too, like any profession, the more education, training, skills, and experience you have – the higher the fees.

Plastic surgery costs would usually vary if you check one clinic from another. A surgeon with years of experience would predictably charge more than one who is just starting out his career and still building reputation and skills. Now, you would of course opt to go with a surgeon who is more experienced and has built a solid reputation on plastic surgery than a newbie. Certainly, in the hands of a highly skilled surgeon who has years of experience would provide better and safer results that is worth the price tag. The results would also be optimal and you would no longer need any followup surgeries; that could of course carry with it additional costs.

On the average, plastic surgery would cost around $3,500 for liposuction, $7,500 for breast augmentation, and Brazilian butt lift $9,000; among others.

Combination of Surgeries and Corrective Surgeries

There would also be some instances that a combination of surgeries would be needed such as with breast reconstruction which would of course increase costs but would save you money especially over the long run. Corrective surgeries would also entail additional costs.

It is recommended to shop around for costs when it comes to plastic surgery so you could compare notes and check which one fits your medical needs and budget. When considering different factors,  reputation should always come first; just as your health is your utmost priority.